Self Awareness: A new Year’s Journey

Every year is a journey. A journey of discovery, a journey which not everyone ends, a journey which so many goals are desired to be achieved but not all are achieved.

 A journey just ended and another has began. This is the period where many start to create New Year resolutions, which unfortunately most of it doesn’t see past the month of January. How funny it is that many individuals do not even have a road map for the year’s journey, which is quite disheartening. So here are steps to take in coming up with reasonable and doable resolutions.


Setting unrealistic resolutions is one mistake many individuals make. Like buying a Lamborghini while in 100 level or losing 100 pounds within three days. Make sure your resolutionis something achievable; else you will end up setting yourself up for failure. While setting realistic resolutions, coupled with your determination, also consider your finances and schedule, be certain that both match your resolutions. If one is lagging, there is high probability of not been successful in your endeavor. It is okay to seek opinion from family, friends, or a physician, if you not sure whether your resolutions are realistic. This could help in getting a more defined resolution.     


Reminders are good thing. Pen down your resolutions and place it where it is visible, which makes you remember easily. You could have them on post-it notes (which are easier) or type them in pretty font, frame it and perfect it as part of your décor.

Write it down.Write it down.


Breaking down your resolutions into steps helps to bring it into completion. Identify what you can and must do daily or weekly, which brings you closer in completing your resolution. This depends on your resolution. For example; in improving your reading skills, make it a must to read daily. You start from having a word count target, to page target, then chapter target, which then grow to a book target for a month. In taking these steps, there’s no need to rush about it, because you have a year to complete this resolution.


As the year goes by, be sure to check your progress towards your goal, this will help you know whether or not you’re on track. You can reconstruct your effort if you discover you not. You carry out this check monthly, either at the beginning or at the end of the month.  Checking it this way gives you ample time to check your progress and to know if any change has successfully occurred.

My goal for the year.My goal for the year.


Partner in this context could be a friend or family member. Having someone with you as you go on this journey of fulfilling your resolutions make it easier. A partner keeps you focus and could be a good sounding board when you encounter problems with goals that seems unachievable. Getting opinions from a different stance could bring about solution to a problem sometimes.


All the procedures taken in planning your resolutions wasn’t done for fun. Getting married is the hardest part of it all.  Walk in accordance with your planned steps, don’t rush it, and don’t get angry at yourself if you mess up.

So get to work, and be sure to come up with something explicit for the journey ahead.

Written by Obazele Judith.