President's Profile


Engr. Akin Odumakinde

President, Impact Your World

Nothing gives hope to a people like good and purposeful leadership. Whether in the home, work place or the country, everything in life rises and falls on leadership. In the words of John C. Maxwell, “A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way”.  Such a leader will make a success out of any organization or institution any day. But sadly, this kind of leaders are scarce within the shores of our great and endowed nation. Impact Your World Leadership Initiative is born at such an opportuned time as this to fill this leadership void.
Our resolute pursuit will be to IDENTIFY, NURTURE, EMPOWER individuals and organizations that will embrace purposeful leadership values in their day to day endeavours to see the fortunes of Nigeria overturned and managed rightly for the common good of all. We are going to collaborate with leaders and organizations who have distinguished themselves in exemplifying sound leadership qualities to raise leaders as change agents in their respective career and pursuits. Our training, mentorship and empowerment programs will all be tailored to imparting set values that will correct leadership pitfalls bringing about lasting impact in our society.

Our leadership initiative will also champion the course of portraying the good things happening in Nigeria as against the usual position of most people who see nothing good to be excited about in the country. Sure there are things saddening in the country, but our positive outlook will do more good in overturning the negatives than maintaining the pessimist’s stand. We will initiate worthy causes that will motivate and inspire an emergence of a new crop of leaders we all desire.

In my organization, DeltaAfrik Engineering Limited, we have been able to contribute meaningfully to the revolutionalization of local participation of engineering companies in the sophisticated operations in the Oil and Gas industry, where many more local companies have now been engaged in the day to day operations in the industry.  Also in our organization, we have developed and empowered leaders to world class standards.  As part of our corporate social responsibility, we have also set up DeltaAfrik Charitable Foundation to reach out to the needs of the less privileged in our society and to make social impact within our communities.

Indeed, good things do come out of Nigeria. This is our message. Together we can achieve this dream. Welcome to Impact Your World Leadership Initiative.

Our Strategy

Our Target

Secondary and Tertiary School Students
To identify, nurture, and raise these youths with the right qualities for leadership positions.
Working and Business Leaders
To impart these leaders with appropriate leadership qualities for sustained performance.
To train and empower these skilled workers to take the lead in their respective vocations.
Political Leaders
To amplify and exemplify sound leadership practices in building lasting organisations.
Young and Established Entrepreneurs
To train and mentor these aspiring leaders for better performance.