OUR CREED We will make the WORLD a better place against all odds at every level of leadership position we find ourselves. Starting here, starting now, we will always leave behind footprints of lasting IMPACT in our immediate world AIMS AND OBJECTIVES
  • To raise purpose-driven Leaders as positive Change Agents in their respective sphere of contact or influence
  • To inspire a generation of young and dynamic leaders in the University environment to embrace the responsibility of leadership; which is SERVICE to humanity
  • To promote the core ethical values of Hardwork, Integrity, Accountability, Morality and Courage in the pursuit of life goals and dreams
  • To identify and nurture talents to creatively maximize their potentials to the fullest for societal gain
  • To create an enduring platform where like minds can relate to foster strong alliances applying the principles of Teamwork, Partnership, etc to make lasting impact
  • To build a culture of Excellence in aspiring University Leaders
  • To instill the Spirit of Giving and Charity as a leadership virtue

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