Creating Treasures from Trash -Bamiduro Bukola

Creating Treasures from Trash -Bamiduro Bukola- CEO Trash2Wealth

Bamiduro Bukola is the Chief Executive Officer of Trash2Wealth initiative, a firm that turns car tyres into household items.she is a graduate of Microbiology and holds an MSc in Environmental Management and Public Health from the University of Lagos.  She shares her story with YEO Foundation in a recent interview.

 What is the Trash2Wealth initiative all about?

Trash2wealth Initiative was borne out of my desire to make people see wealth in waste and treasures in trash. I did observe that waste management is a major issue in this part of this world and we have fewer people talking about it.  Hence, I have been using the platform to advocate and make people shift from their attitude towards waste. I believe firmly that it is our responsibility to take care of our wastes.

How have you been sourcing for funds?

One of the major challenges I’ve had to face in this initiative is funding. Fortunately, we got a recent seed funding from YEO Foundation. My most impactful experience with the foundation when I was selected to participate in the entrepreneurial training this year. I found the teachings at the program to be extremely practical and useful for my cause. As a result of the training and the funding, I have been able to expand my operations and also further developed my brand. My involvement with YEO foundation has also expanded my network significantly, as well as introduced me to mentors.

Where do you see this initiative in the nearest future?

Part of my goals is to have a recycling hub in every state in Nigeria and around the world. Market value will begin to rise when people’s mindset begins to change to see recycling as a way of reducing the wastes generated and not as mere trash that cannot be valued.