YEO Success Story – Oluwakemi Adebambo

Tell us briefly about yourself.
I am Oluwakemi Adebambo. I am from Ogun state.I am married with two children: a boy and a girl.
After my secondary school, there was no help from any family members. My father died 26 years ago. So I had to start working. I come from a home with five children. I came to Lagos and started working and after a while, I decided I couldn’t work for people forever.
How did you start your fashion design business?
I was not opportune to go to school, I decided to learn a trade – fashion designing. I sponsored myself to fashion design school. After learning I did my graduation then the challenge came to rent a shop. There was no assistance but i continued with focus and bit by bit, I saved up money to rent a shop.
How long have you been in this business?
I started fashion designing like 10 years ago. I started my fashion designing business with one machine and a small whipping machine. I have 4 machines now. 3 manual machines and 1 Industrial machine. I had 5 machines but I gave out one to a friend who had none.
How were you able to purchase these machines?
I recently collected some funds from YEO foundation, which was what I used to purchase this industrial machine.
What are the benefits of the industrial machine?
It will take my business to another level work as there’s no delay in working. After purchasing this industrial machine, I said to myself, why can’t you buy the stoning machine? I usually do stoning manually and I am good at it. None of my customers have ever complained that a stone came off a cloth but it was time consuming. So now I’m gathering money to buy a new stoning machine and a new generator.
What do you have to say to YEO foundation?
I’m very grateful to YEO foundation. It is easy to have dreams but not easy to make them come to pass. YEO foundation has made my dreams come to pass. God bless YEO Foundation and Mrs Yinka Esther Odumakinde.