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We Identify

We identify talents with the basic values and ability through our diverse initiatives and programmes.

We Nurture

We equip, support, train, build and mentor these identified talents to develop leadership skills in them. We achieve this through our leadership club, internship and training initiatives. Again, we nurture these talents financially, materially and through scholarship initiatives.

We Empower

We help by supporting their vision, ideas or projects to realization. We build platforms for the expression of their diverse talents for societal benefits with lasting impact by placing these aspiring leadersin organizations and structures that eventually help bring out their innate leadership abilities.


Nothing gives hope to a people like good and purposeful leadership. Whether in the home, work place or the country, everything in life rises and falls on leadership. In the words of John C. Maxwell, “A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way”.  Such a leader will make a success out of any organization or institution any day. But sadly, this kind of leaders are scarce within the shores of our great and endowed nation. Impact Your World Leadership Initiative is born at such an opportuned time as this to fill this leadership void.

Our resolute pursuit will be to IDENTIFY, NURTURE, EMPOWER individuals and organizations that will embrace purposeful leadership values in their day to day endeavours to see the fortunes of Nigeria overturned and managed rightly for the common good of all. We are going to collaborate with leaders and organizations who have distinguished themselves in exemplifying sound leadership qualities to raise leaders as change agents in their respective career and pursuits. Our training, mentorship and empowerment programs will all be tailored to imparting set values that will correct leadership pitfalls bringing about lasting impact in our society.



communities impacted.
students trained in our conferences.
students trained at our Academy.
scholarships awarded.
members in our club chapters across 12 campuses.
campus leadership clubs established


Our Mission

IMPARTING the principles of transformational Leadership through life changing practical experiences, mentoring, training and service to humanity.

Our Vision

Raising purpose-driven LEADERS as change agents by imparting set values to transform our society and make lasting impact

Our Strategy

Through well designed school outreaches, programmes and trainings, we identify, nurture and empower young potential leaders to be all they can be.


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Our Target

Our target is secondary and tertiary school students, business leaders, artisans, political leaders  and young established entrepreneurs.


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Attending the Impact Leadership Academy is one of the best things that ever happened to me. I came expecting, but everything I experienced, were far above my expectations. At ILA, my mind was reconfigured for greatness, I learnt how to make good choices and discover truly what I should be doing with my life. I learnt that I should strive to create value instead of money.

Precious Chukundah

ILA, for me, was an experience that, if I had a chance to go through once more, I would over and over again. From the lectures to the hospitality, the lecturers to fellow participants, the atmosphere was just phenomenal. For the first time in a long while, I came across people from different climes that were united in purpose, namely: causing a positive change in society, in the shortest possible time.

Agbor, Endurance Okpa

Impact leadership academy was a solution to one of my challenges as a chapter president. For some reasons, my executives did not know so much about ILC, motivating them to an acceptable level was a big issue to me; this also affected our activities as a chapter. But right there in the conference they caught that fire I had always desired in them. It was also an avenue for us to bond better. Not only are they fully motivated now, they have become proactive too.

Nwachukwu Charles N.

Impact Your World Leadership Initiative (IYWLI) is indeed an eye-opener, a reminder, a life sharpener and a life transforming Organisation. I live with the mentality that I am in no competition with anyone but myself.

Olanrewaju Fatimat Adenike