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James Sunday Omokagbo is a Senior Business Development administrator with over 15 years of experience in Strategic planning for development, promoting corporate performance and accelerating profitability with laudable performance in the Oil and Gas, Power, Infrastructure, banking, manufacturing and construction sectors of the economy. This has developed his aptitude to penetrate new territories and expand existing markets.

His capability for stimulating revenue stems from a unique ability to identify and implement procedural enhancements that promote client acquisition and retention. Among his greatest strengths is the talent for cultivating strong relationships with high level executive and management, creating efficient networks between clients and sales/technical consultants to facilitate business development.

Furthermore, James possesses a rare propensity for assessing the needs of potential and existing clientele, allowing him to tailor innovative product solutions accordingly. His history of boosting new businesses and expanding profitability attests to this potentials.

He has devoted his career to maximizing revenue, accelerating market expansion through proposal writing, and ensuring corporate performance.

He has over the years demonstrated a rare skill of mentoring people for leadership purposes. He is a good life-coach that has impacted lives of many young Nigerians positively, inspiring them for remarkable ambassadorship

An astute political analyst desiring a positive paradigm shift in Nigerian political atmosphere, James has been part of different political progressive movements in the last two decades.

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