YEO Foundation Success Story – Felicia Ajadi

Can we get to know you?

My name is Felicia Ajadi. I am one of the beneficiaries of YEO Foundation. I am grateful for what Mrs Odumakinde has done since march. I live at number 66 oguntolu and I have this stand to display my market to sell to customers. I sell fairly used clothes. I am from oyo state and I attend mountain of fire and miracle ministries

So I can see your goods are displayed, tell us how you got started in the business?

I started this business about 2 years ago with N18,000. I sell my goods to the local government staff and public primary school teachers. I got to know about YEO Foundation in my group at Mountain of Fire where I was given enough money to buy goods in large quantity.

How much grant did you get from YEO Foundation?

I got N150,000

How did it help in your business?

It helped me a lot in my business, including my children’s education because I sponsor my children to school

What are the issues of you face in this line of business

The level of patronage has increased. A lot of people don’t know I sell used clothes. They drive and walk by, but since I got my stand they stop and buy from me.

Are there other issues of peculiarities that faces your line of business?

A lot of people buy on credit and they don’t pay on time. They extend payment till the end of the month when they get their salaries. Also a lot of people who owe me money from the public primary school and they have vacated now so they will owe me money till they resume. If rain is falling, I have no way to shield my goods so I have to pack up the clothes and cover it until the rain subsides.

Where do you see your business in another one year?

It will turn to a boutique

I believe I will be in my shop by God’s grace

So far has the business been profitable?

Yes it has

You started this business about 2 years ago what is the worth of your business now?

In two years time I see myself helping others, thats how far the business has come.

Do you have anything to your foundation?

My spirit and my heart are praying for YEO foundation. God will send helpers of destiny to Mrs Odumakinde and her children. I am very grateful.

So thank you very much for having us.

Thank you very much your foundation