Funmilola Peters

Olufunmilola Peters is the founder of Funpee Kitchen &events, a manufacturing and event planning company located in Lagos. she is a recent beneficiary of the YEO Foundation entrepreneurship grant and also won the coveted free Event Management Training Prize. She spoke to the Impact Your World team on the inspiration behind the birth of her business and her future plans


How did you get your idea or concept for the business?

 As a young teenager back then in the mid-90s, I remember vividly how I love to cook and prepare this special drink called Zobo. Everyone in the family then will drink and even ask for more, our friends and neighbours would visit to have a taste of my sumptuous delicacies served with Zobo. Fast forward to my campus days, I made money with the drinks and cooking. I realized it was a God given talent when everyone that tasted demanded for more and more. So, I decided to monetize it by harnessing all the resources I had to start the drink(beverage) business on the 7th of June 2016. It was indeed a LEAP of Faith.


What was your mission for Funpee Events at the outset?

Our Mission for Funpees Kitchen and Events is to provide excellent bespoke event and catering services while giving you that dream taste and value for money. Guaranteed execution/Satisfaction when you allow us take care of every detail.


How many employees do you have?

Presently we have 3 salary earning staff and 3 contract staff.


What product(s) or services(s) do you offer/manufacture?

We manufacture and retail healthy drinks as Fruity Juicy Zobo, Chapman and Smoothies made with rich and well sorted locally sourced raw materials. We also render innovative and memorable event and catering services that exceeds our client’s expectations. Presently we leverage majorly on the social media network. I.e. via our business pages on Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp etc. We also use lot of word of mouth to market our products and services. The business has also been enjoying and thriving on referrals.


To what do you attribute your success?

I would like to answer this question with the word of the Scriptures that says in John 3: 27 which says ” A person cannot receive even one thing unless it is given him from heaven”. First, I give God all the Glory and accolades for the grace and privileges we have enjoyed so far. Also, my husband has been a fantastic support system, he has invested and builds with me…even when I was discouraged and was about to give up on my dream, he takes me by the hand and reassures me of success.

I also can never forget The Person of Mrs. Yinka Esther Odumakinde of YEO foundation, another angel in human clothing, whom God used to bless my business through a huge grant and another Star Price Award of Event Planning. I daily thank God for the day I met you.

It has been said that the great heights reached and kept by noble men were not attained at a sudden flight, but they while their companions slept kept on toiling through the night. My achievement is greatly a function of God, passion and hard work.


What made you choose your current location of business?

Due to the manufacturing and retail nature of our business, we chose our present location Gbagada – Bariga based on:

  1. Style of operation: for ease of production and sales to our end users
  2. Demography /Customer segment: we considered who our customers are and how important proximity to our location will be for them.
  3. Utilities and Cost: We are still a SME so to cut unnecessary expenses and overhead, we chose affordability over comfort for now.
  4. Accessibility and proximity: because of our dream to open a restaurant soon, we strategically got a space that can generate foot traffic and make finding us is easy with all the landmarks of schools, hospitals, banks and fuel stations staff coming in to eat from us.

What is your company’s goal?

 Our goals are to establish an A- list catering and Event Management Company that adds uniqueness and creative innovations to the industry by giving our customers that classy touch of detail of special moments. Our Manufacturing and Event Planning is not only about WHAT we sell or offer but HOW – the WAY we sell it. Our drinks are not healthy and medicinal, they are also manufactured with home grown species by us. Our Catering and Events Coordination is Customers – centric and tailored to the taste, class/status and pocket friendly. Our Drinks are not only healthy but medicinal.


What is unique about your business?

My story is one of the conversion of passion to profit. I have always loved to organize, arrange, prepare, cook, mix and set things in order. I love the aesthetics details and  I get disturbed where this is not attained, hence my launching into this industry to express my persona.




Have you ever turned down a client?

Our clients are treated as kings that they are. We don’t turn down our clients at Funpees Kitchen and Events. We meet, negotiate and reach agreeable compromise. Where budget and taste clashes, we counsel the client. However, where this doesn’t go well with both parties (seldom happens) we opt out or vice versa. This is to buttress the saying that “Everyone cannot be Your Customer”


How did you source for funds to start up?

 I got my capital from my savings while still doing my 9-5 job and my family also supported me. I didn’t wait till I got a huge amount. I started with N20,000 and subsequently did return of investment and added grants and goodwill.

Where do you see your business in the nearest future?

I see the business in bigger, better and higher places of the industry and being mentioned among the iconic Event Planning and Catering businesses in this Country and beyond. One of our dreams is to have a farm where we will grow all our veggies, raw materials, foods and prepare our spices to control unhealthy eating. We will also empower more women and youths with our skills acquisition training. By God’s grace and through continuous savings and networking, we shall get there.

Tell us a bit about yourself

I am a graduate of Environmental Science and Resource Management and the second of four children. I am married to Mr. Rotimi Peters and we are blessed with two lovely children. Aside Cooking and planning, I love to teach, travel and read motivational books.